Mata Ne

Welcome to Mata Ne

Discover an elevated dining experience that combines a seasonal New Asian cuisine, exquisite wine selection, and world-class service in a vibrant and welcoming space. Founded in 2021 by three restaurant industry veterans, Mata Ne is an oasis for people looking to try something refreshing yet familiar.

Where tradition meets innovation

Our menu is handcrafted by the renowned Executive Chef Jess De Guzman, a Chicago-native sushi chef with over 20 years of restaurant experience. He sought to honor the unique flavors from the Far East, from the layered spices found in the Vietnamese-inspired Saigon Salad, to the umami Filipino Adobo Braised Pork Belly, to the fresh and briny Japanese sushi hand rolls. When paired with our unique wine selection dating back to the early 70s, you’re bound to find something special for almost any occasion.

Sushi Chef Chicago Native - Elmhurst
Sushi Chef Elmhurst

A home where you’re always invited

Mata Ne in Japanese translates to “see you soon.” We want our guests to feel as comfortable as they would coming back home to their families after a long day. That’s why we don’t say sayonara, but rather, mata ne!